Tuesday, October 17, 2006





Good morning.

Police notice:
Take good care of your money.Be careful of "friend","nice gay"...

Cat walk

A tea house nearby a temple.
Relax, relax and relax everywhere.

Show time



It's a really wonderful trip. I've founded the world was more wonderful and,
I know where I am going.

I've met two fortunate-telling woman at a tea house before I leave. Every time I went to Chengdu I would like to go there for a cup of tea and, every time I've met the fortunate-telling gay they always said I will be a richman.
I hope so, but I doubt about them before.
And this time, I asked myself:" Why don't you believe? It's a good news.".
So I don't need to care about this anymore. Go where I want.

I am a fool so I only can make art by my heart and I've also founded the answer of "What is Art?". Art is necessary because many people doubt about it.
If everybody believe it - it's Utopia.
As this, I won't sell my work any more. If someone really love it, I would like to give him for free.
Now, I am very thankful.

And for this new work "A gift to Mai Yongxi".
If you believe it, it's a gift to you.
If you don't believe it, it's the reason why I want to be an artist.
If you like it, but you found it is not enough. I'm sorry, I've tried my best.



I've just finished a five-day trip today. 4 days on the train and 1 dayin ChengDu. What a fantastic trip it is! It's hard to say a word, but Ihave a story share to you.

I've met a beautiful Chengdu's girl on internet at the beginning of this year. I've fall in love of her gradually and began to post gift to her two monthes before. She've said she love me and it's the reason I started this trip 4 days before. I've arrived Chengdu in the morning two days before. But you know I've waited for her a whole day and she've not appeared yet. I was very disappointed.
After that, I've gone out and finded a whore. I've told her my story and, she said she was a divorcee, her used husband was very good at the beginning and, he turned to be a idler whom only asked her for money after they've married. Her baby was more than 1 years old now that in her hometown, but he hasn't paided 1 cent yet... After all, she said:" I love you!". We embraced together, then I've gave her a ring before I leave.
I asked myself:" Why don't you give yourself a gift?".
The second day, I've met a very nice and honest driver whom has an electric power motorcycle. He was very eonjoing his life and, he helped me record my work. It was very difficult to invite him for a tea time at last.
What's more? I've also met a very friendly artist bofore I leave Chengdu and I've gave him all my gifts that belongs there.
I would like to be a gift(give) man more and more.
on the train back

That'all, thank you.

New work " A gift to Mai Yongxi"
I've posted a gift to myself from Chengdu to Guangzhou, but there is nothing inside.
I would like to post it again and again when I go out. Let it go with me.

A professional driver - Chen Shengxiang

Thanks to
Hu Xiangqian, Lin Jingxin and Huang Xiaopeng for theirs suggestions.
Fred for taught me bring a flower from Guangzhou to Chengdu...
Zhuang Canxian for borrow me money

Zha Changping for introduced Zhou Bin
Zhou Bin for his friendly
Chen Shengxiang for his luck and helpful
Two beautiful Chengdu's girls

And some other friends who still care my trip

The God for this wonderful trip

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