Tuesday, October 17, 2006



It's a really wonderful trip. I've founded the world was more wonderful and,
I know where I am going.

I've met two fortunate-telling woman at a tea house before I leave. Every time I went to Chengdu I would like to go there for a cup of tea and, every time I've met the fortunate-telling gay they always said I will be a richman.
I hope so, but I doubt about them before.
And this time, I asked myself:" Why don't you believe? It's a good news.".
So I don't need to care about this anymore. Go where I want.

I am a fool so I only can make art by my heart and I've also founded the answer of "What is Art?". Art is necessary because many people doubt about it.
If everybody believe it - it's Utopia.
As this, I won't sell my work any more. If someone really love it, I would like to give him for free.
Now, I am very thankful.

And for this new work "A gift to Mai Yongxi".
If you believe it, it's a gift to you.
If you don't believe it, it's the reason why I want to be an artist.
If you like it, but you found it is not enough. I'm sorry, I've tried my best.

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