Friday, October 06, 2006



Two days before, I've went to Pakwan Moutain searched for river.

I've employed a motorcycle and, asked the driver bring me to find the head of the river. After that he've brought me here and told me it' hard to find now, too many buildings and roads and it's always underground. Why he knows here? It was a customer knew here and asked him stoped here and pissed before.

This is another village in the city.

This is the driver. I've told him I interesting at environmental protection and, he was interesting at me, asked me wheather I'm a news-reportor.
He've brought me to his village and showed me how dirty the ditches.
After that he told me his wife in sick and she must spend 500yuan on medicine every month.
And I asked him why you clean it by yourselves.

Here is the Donghao Chong. And the hospital behind where the driver's wife always go.

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